When Rug Restoration Services Are Useful

When a silk rug comes out of the store, it’s certainly a sight to behold. Silk rugs are also appealing because they feel soft, and a brand new rug will be fresh smelling too. These days, you'll find silk rugs in both homes and businesses, and in some cases silk rugs are hung on walls as decorations.
But silk rugs are just like all other rugs and carpets, in the sense that eventually they'll get dirty, especially if they're exposed to high foot traffic and other things that can make a rug dirty over time. But when your silk rug gets dirty, you don't need to look at this as the end of the world. All you need to do is get rug cleaning from our team. But sometimes, cleaning isn’t enough, and when this is the case rug restoration services are required. We restore your rug before cleaning it, as executing this process in reverse could harm your rug.
For years we've been trusted and preferred by those who need silk rug and carpet cleaning in NJ, but these days our rug restoration services are just as popular. Here’s why!


How Recoloring Can Improve A Silk Rug

We can help you when you need effective rug recoloring. Rug recoloring will nullify rug fading and bring your rug back to the compliment-worthy state it used to enjoy. Our rug recoloring experts are meticulous and detailed, and they've been delivering first-rate rug recoloring services for many years. You'll have peace of mind when you leave your rugs with them, as you won’t have to worry about rug dye running or your rug’s pattern being being damaged.

This Is Why Rug Owners Get Reweaving

Silk rug reweaving will save you from getting an expensive rug replacement. When a rug begins to unravel, you should take care of this immediately. This is what our experts do. The longer a rug is left to unravel, the harder it'll be to get the rug back into an acceptable condition. Reweaving is often sought by Persian and oriental rug owners, and those who have damaged rugs can also benefit from reweaving.

Rug Binding Will Save You From Rug Replacement

Rug binding is another rug restoration service we deliver often. We bind silk rugs, and often we use binding tape to do so. If your rug is more sturdy, we use a special sewing machine to make binding happen. When you get your bound silk rug back from us, it'll not only look better but be sturdy as well. It's likely you won't need binding for several years, if ever again.

When Rug Fringing Is A Necessary Restoration Service

We provide rug fringing at a fast and affordable price. A rug’s fringe is like its backbone, so when this is compromised you need to get a handle on the situation immediately. A deteriorating fringe can spell disaster for the rest of the rug, but we prevent this from happening. When you get rug fringing from us, you won't have to worry about your fringe causing a problem ever again.